Three Places in the London Borough of Camden That Deserve Your Attention

Queen's Square

When you are asking people about the best places in London, more often than not you are going to here the name Camden. The borough, located right to the west of the City of Westminster and considered to be part of Inner London is a vibrant, affluent and multi-cultural area. There are posh residential developments to be found here, as well as bohemian districts and havens of alternative culture. The London Borough of Camden – the basic stats Camden is not the largest nor the most densely populated of the London Boroughs. According to the last census a little over

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London Borough of Barnet – Districts, Landmarks and Transport

Hendon Town Hall

Barnet is one of London’s outer boroughs and it is set in the city’s northern part. It was established in 1965 and it consists of 37 districts. With a population of 331,500, Barnet is the second most populated borough in the UK capital. Barnet’s districts Barnet Chipping High EN5 is the often cited to be the northernmost part of North London, as well as the highest place located between the English capital and York. The district has an altitude of 130 meters. The word ‘chipping’ is derived from ‘ceapen’ which in Old English means ‘a market.’ That is not accidental

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Enfield – a Few Areas to Know in the Borough

Bulls Cross - pub

The London Borough of Enfield is a major area in North London. Actually, the northernmost location of Greater London is to be found namely in Enfield. With a territory of 82.20 square kilometres and population of 324 574 Enfield ranks among the bigger boroughs of London. If you are looking for the right place here to relocate to, you might consider some of the areas that we have taken the time to describe in the text below. The Grove of the Arnold family Arnos Grove N11, N14 is a primarily residential district that is to be found in the south

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The Basics of the Borough of Lewisham

The Borough Lewisham was formed in 1965, and today it is situated in south-east London, England. It is a part of Inner London with the local authority of Lewisham London Borough Council. Lewisham is the main settlement of the borough and it has population over 270 thousand. An interesting fact about this borough is that the Prime Meridian passes through it. The Borough Lewisham borders with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the London Borough of Southwark and the London Borough of Bromley. The borough is famous for the Millwall Football Club, professional association football club, founded in 1885. While in

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Guide throughout the Borough of Tower Hamlets

The Borough of Tower Hamlets lies to the east of the City of London in the central parts of the English capital. It was created on the 1st of April, 1965 and covers an area of 7.63 square miles. The borough is home to a population of almost 285.000 people and is one of the most densely populated areas of London. The district of Bethnal Green is located on the border which separate the Borough of Tower Hamlets from the Borough of Hackney and this is why a small portion of the area is situated in the adjacent borough. It

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Bromley And Its Districts

Bromley lies in the southeastern parts of London and is the city’s largest borough (c. 60 square miles). It has a population of over 320.000 and is one of the least densely populated areas of the English capital with a density rate of 5.500 people per square mile. The borough is comprised of 44 districts. The district of Anerley, SE20 lies in the northeastern parts of the borough at exactly seven miles from the junction of Charing Cross. The area is known throughout the city as it was once the location of the Crystal Palace which was destroyed by fire

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London – Greatest City In The World

London Eye

Have you ever wondered what makes London the greatest city in the world? If you have but cannot find the answer keep reading because we will turn your attention towards several factors that make the English capital the number one urban area on Earth. Public transportation London has a vast public transportation network which comprises of: Buses Trains Underground trains (one of the largest metro networks in the world) Bicycles Boats Taxis The presence of so many means of transportation helps local residents to get from one end of the city to the other easily and without any complications. Careers

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Packing supplies and how to obtain them

Packing Advice

For a safe and secure removal, you need to make sure you have the right packing supplies and moving equipment. If you hire a moving company to pack your items, they will usually provide packing supplies and some will charge this service while others won't. This service guarantees that professional packers will strategically pack your belongings into appropriate boxes and protect large items with blankets and other moving materials. If, on the other hand, you choose DIY packing, you can rent or buy packing supplies or you can obtain some for free. This is time-consuming process as it will take

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How to plan a commercial removal

Office Space

Business has been well and growing and now you have to relocate your workplace to a larger and better located property. If you have moved before then you must certainly know that all removals are stressful and laborious. However there is a big difference between domestic and commercial moves, and the manner by which you must approach them. So, if you are moving your place of work for the first time, keep reading because we will present to you a relocation plan which will allow you to easy and facilitate your business removal. Step 1: Notify your clients As soon

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Moving after a divorce

Moving together is a great step in every person’s life. Moving out is also a serious life event that can be overwhelming, emotional and stressful. Braking up and getting divorced is not something people plan but it does happen. When it happens, it is important that people stay calm and make an agreement on how to move out and how to divide items. It can be difficult because you are not only dividing things, you are diving lives. However, there are smart ways to make this transition as painless as possible and make necessary removal arrangements. Divide the mutual items

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