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Professional relocation advice is sometimes hard to come by. This is why we maintain a comprehensive Removal Advice section on our company website. We understand that people need accurate information and advice on how to organise and structure their property relocation in the most suitable way so we have tried to touch up on all the issues and specifics which accompany home and office removals. In the Removal Advice section readers have access to < u>practical How-To guides and DIY tips concerning packing of items and removal preparations, also advice on inventory of items – important when relocating offices and commercial establishments. We also discuss things like safe removal of high value items which is a concern for many people. Our contributors also look at the additional aspects of property relocation like redirecting bills and mail, services and subscriptions etc. We aim to look at new moving related topics and specifics which arise from the dynamic nature of the removal industry itself. The Removal Advice section is regularly updated with new written and multimedia content, researched and summarised by knowledgeable writers. The advice page is easy to navigate so finding the information which interests you is always just a couple of clicks away.

Rental Van Breakdown – Now What?

Parked grey moving van

The safest and fastest way to transport large and heavy furniture and electrical goods is by using a spacious and equipped moving vehicle. If you don’t own a big van, you can hire one from a trusted removals company. Although the vehicles of such businesses are usually maintained in an excellent condition, they too can break down in the middle of the moving process. If that happens to you, you will need to: Remain calm; Contact your moving company; Pull off the road; Know what’s in your contract; How to avoid such accidents Being stuck in the middle of a

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What are man and van services good for?

Large Lutton Van

You will notice that there is an inherent difference between a full moving service and man and van ones. Household removals are best handled with the help of a well equipped Luton truck instead of a mid or short-base van, mainly because of the quantity of goods that can be transported with either type of vehicle. This however does not mean that a man and van service is inferior to removal ones. They are just fitted to different types of projects. What you can use a van hire solution for A good, reliable man and van in London will help

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Bexley districts that commence with a “B”

Blackfen Road

The London Borough of Bexley is situated in the easternmost parts of the English capital. It spreads over an area of 60.56 square kilometres and according to the last statistics has a population of about 245.000. The borough is the location to a large number of well-known areas, which are home to many internationally known landmarks, parklands, entertainment venues, schools and other places of interest. The area of Blackfen, DA15, lies in the south western parts of Bexley and has an estimate population of 10.500 residents. The district is home to the prominent Blackfen School for Girls, which is a

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How to pack paintings

Any item can be damaged during a relocation. This warning, especially applies for fragile and valuable objects such as paintings. This is why, it is of imperative importance that you properly pack and prepare your artwork for your upcoming removal. Step 1: Take down your paintings Walk throughout your property and take off all the paintings from your walls. Place them face up on a stable surface to ensure their safety. Many people make the common mistake of leaning their artwork towards the wall and end up kicking them accidentally, which ultimately tears the canvas and ruins the paintings. Step

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Finding a new school for the kids when moving home

Malmesbury Primary School

Parents are always looking for a school for their children that is not only desirable but which is also located close to their home because in that way: The kids will not need to commute to school Parents will have an easier time picking them up from the school Day-to-day expenses will be lower Children’s education has become so important these days that many UK families are even willing to move home just so that their kids can go to a prestigious school. According to a research, 25% of all families in the country who have school-age children have moved

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Best educational facilities in Harrow

Harrow High School

The Borough of Harrow lies in the northwestern parts of London and covers an area of about 50.5 km2. It has an estimate population of 250.000 people and is home to some of the finest primary and secondary schools in the English capital. Canons High School Founded in 1952, Canons High School is an educational academy that lies in the district of Edgware on the eastern boundary of the borough. It is a coeducational facility, which currently has over 700 pupils from the ages of 11 to 18. It gained academy status in 2011 and since then has become one

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Why relocating your office can be beneficial for your business

Office with macs

Being a businessperson is not as easy as most people assume, as it requires making hard decisions periodically. One of the most challenging choices that a business owner can make is whether to move his office or not. If you have reached this point in your career, here are several facts that will prove to you that relocating your place of work can be very positive for your business. 1. Improve your company’s image A newer and larger office with better amenities and facilities can only add to your reputation. Moving to a new workspace will also showcase the positive

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The churches of Barnes

Barnes is a district in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It has a population of over 21.000 people and lies in the southwestern parts of the city at about six miles from the noted junction of Charing Cross. The area is one of the capital’s most beautiful neighbourhoods. The district is home to a number of prominent landmarks such as the WWT London Wetland Centre, Olympic Studios, Bull’s Head, Old Sorting Office Arts Centre and Barnes Village, which is recognised as a Conservation Area by the local authorities. Barnes is also the location of eight churches. The presence

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Westminster and Some of the Places Worth Visiting

Westminster - Regent Street

The City of Westminster, located pretty much right in the heart of the capital is one of the most important and well known districts of Greater London. Administratively, Westminster is classified as an Inner City Borough with a ‘city status’ (much the same as City of London i.e. ‘the Square Mile’). Geographically, City of Westminster is locked between the RBKC to the east, then City of London to the west, and The Thames to the south. Halfway through the 1960s, the Greater London administrative & geographical entity was formed, and City of Westminster was of course one of its essential

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Moving clothes versus moving fragile items

Even though it is understood that a London removal is typically quite the ordeal, there are certain things that are simply not as hard to relocate. At the same time there are others which we never want to have to move because their integrity might be put in jeopardy. This is the case with moving clothes and having to relocate sensitive goods. The latter can basically be a lot of things but the most common items are utensils and home electronics. In short these are things that can easily get broken. We will get to them in a second after

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