Turn Your New Office into a Productive Workplace

If you have just moved your business into a new office, you and your team are probably filled with excitement to work in a different environment. And you probably think that the hard part of your business relocation is over, especially if you have relied on Removal 24’s professional office removal services in Battersea SW11 or in some other part of the English capital, for that matter. But the packing, planning and the execution your office move is just the beginning. Now you will need to organise your new workplace. It is important to put some thought into that because the way you design and arrange your office will have a direct effect on the productivity of every single employee that will work in it. Don’t panic, however, because there are a few super easy hacks that will turn your new workspace into a shrine of productivity. What you need to keep in mind is that people are more productive when they are feeling:

  • Motivated;
  • Relaxed and well-rested;
  • Inspired and creative;
  • Healthy;

Now, let’s see how you can put this simple formula into practice!

Staying inspired

Give your team a dose of inspiration and they are guaranteed to do their job in a much more effective way. A quick way to establish a more creative environment in the office is if you hang some paintings or photography prints on the walls. If you prefer, you can even place a few motivational posters and quotes here and there because productivity is born when you combine inspiration with motivation.

Keep things healthy

Working behind a desk in a stuffy room can have a terrible effect on one’s productivity levels. So, try to make your new working environment more outdoorsy. As a start, fill your office with plants. The greener the better. That will not only make the place look less sterile and boring but it will also improve the air quality in the office.

Also, say “No” to fluorescent lights. They have a very unnatural colour shade which can be quite depressing. Plus, such lighting is really bad for your eyesight, especially if you work with a computer for long hours every day. Try to usher in more natural light. The sun has the power to help us produce Vitamin D which can boost a person’s immune system and improve their mood. However, it can be quite difficult to arrange the workstation of all of your employees by a big window. Therefore, you should also consider replacing the fluorescent lighting with lighting bulbs that emit a more naturally-coloured light.

Offer your team some privacy

While open-plan office spaces are a big hit at the moment, they often have a negative effect on employees’ productivity. Even though open space office designs encourage better communication and creativity, they are can also be incredibly distracting. It is scientifically proven that people are able to focus better and faster when they have more privacy. Therefore, even if you have moved into an open-concept office, provide your employees with a working area that is more isolated and quiet.

To organise the design and outline of your office in a productivity-friendly way, you may need to use secure storage services in London. Keep your office furniture and equipment in a storage unit while you transform your new workplace.