Westminster and Some of the Places Worth Visiting

Westminster - Regent Street

The City of Westminster, located pretty much right in the heart of the capital is one of the most important and well known districts of Greater London. Administratively, Westminster is classified as an Inner City Borough with a ‘city status’ (much the same as City of London i.e. ‘the Square Mile’). Geographically, City of Westminster is locked between the RBKC to the east, then City of London to the west, and The Thames to the south. Halfway through the 1960s, the Greater London administrative & geographical entity was formed, and City of Westminster was of course one of its essential constituting parts. Westminster was granted ‘city status’ upon its formation and inclusion into Greater London. Prior to these events, Westminster was a small sized metropolitan borough.

Quick overview of the district

  • City of Westminster is heavily built up, urbanised region with very high population density. A recent census puts population within the district at nearly quarter of a million people. Large portions of the borough are entirely residential boasting expensive and exclusive real estate. There aren’t too many parks and green open spaces, except a few of course.
  • City of Westminster is chockfull of landmarks, important places of interest and tourist sights. Iconic places like Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament (Westminster), 10 Downing St (Larry the Cat & Palmerston the Cat – who are Chief Mousers to the Government can also be seen hanging around 10 Downing St) are all situated within the borough.
  • City of Westminster is divided into three main districts each with its own respective purpose and emphasis. First and foremost there is the ancient political heart of Great Britain near Palace of Westminster, then there are the hugely popular retail and shopping districts of Oxford St, Bond St, Piccadilly and Regent St. Nightlife and overage entertainment has traditionally been centred in the area of Soho where it can still be found today.
  • City of Westminster like most part of London is heavily multicultural in both ethnicity and religion.

For detailed history on how City of Westminster was founded and developed, please follow the link.

Commercial scene and economic importance

The City of Westminster holds very big economic importance to Great Britain, and the world for that matter as some of the largest transnational corporations have their British and/or European headquarters located within the borough. Given the financial industry in the British capital, Westminster is also the sight of many hedge and private equity funds (tongue in cheek). These are mostly located in or near St James’ and Mayfair. The performing arts business is also heavily touched upon in the borough, City of Westminster is the traditional home to London’s famous West End (the city’s theatre district). The key commercial zones within Westminster (listed in the previous paragraph) also raise the district’s economic potential and importance. Some Soho based media and creative operations are also considered heavy hitters in the economic scene.

Local government and key areas

Westminster AbbeyCity of Westminster is divided into twenty electoral wards, with Westminster City Council being the top governing body of the borough. Westminster is governed by an elected Lord Mayor. The borough is made up of 22 (can vary depending on point of view) local areas, some better known than others. Bayswater is one of the main areas, though it is shared with the RBKC, a number of reputable and established property movers based in Bayswater are at your disposal for the next time you move places. Another well-known area within Westminster is Belgravia, known for its exquisite garden squares manicured parks and ridiculously expensive real estate. If moving places within the district, have a look at one of the professional property movers in Belgravia, serving the area every day. Another important locality within the City of Westminster is Aldwych (pronounced awld-witch), the area is home to some high level diplomatic missions such as Australia House. Many universities and grade listed structures can also be found there. The area displays mixed residential, commercial and administrative real estate so relocation specialists in Aldwych are known to be quite efficient in all types of projects.

For the latest info and details on events, sights and other happenings within City of Westminster, visit the borough’s official council website here.