Moving to A Smaller Home – Tips for Adjusting

Downsizing, e.g. relocating to a smaller property, being an apartment or a house, might happen for various reasons and it can be pretty challenging too. The need for it may occur due to the fact that you are moving to a nicer, yet more expensive area and you cannot afford more space. It could be a conscious lifestyle choice or the result of events that are out of your control. Regardless of the reasons however you have to approach the process with an understanding of its consequences and requirements in order for the transition to be successful and to spare yourself and your family suffering. Here are several things that you might want to do.

Donate or repurpose your furniture

That big couch in the living room or the huge wardrobe you used to have in the bedroom might not have a place at your new home. One way to deal with the problem is to get rid of them as quickly as possible by:

  • Donation
  • Online sale
  • Making a gift to a friend or relative

It all comes down to what types of items exactly you are trying to get rid of, and what the most efficient way to do it would be. In cases when you have some kind of an emotional attachment to the object, but there is still no way to keep it, it might be best to consider a donation or a gift. Thus you will know that your favourite chair (for example) lives a second life and is making someone close to you and/or someone who truly needs it happy. Thanks to the internet, making a small profit from your household downsize is now quite easy too.

Find an affordable storage unit

In case you do not want to permanently part with your furniture, appliances or extensive book collection, and/or you will be living at the smaller property for a relatively short period of time, you can put away those goods in a safe storage in London for the time being. Finding a facility that is affordable and easy to access from your location should not be a problem.

Think about what you need

Make a list of your possessions and ask yourself how many of them you have actually used in the past year? Which ones you are likely to use in the year to come too? Clothes, furniture, books, entertainment equipment, etc. tend to accumulate on one’s property in a seamless manner until they have cluttered the space completely. Make a list of everything you need and simply get rid of the rest now.

Make a conscious effort to downsize your future acquisitions too

Before you buy new shoes or a bigger kitchen table that’s been on sale at the local shop for the past couple of weeks now, ask yourself do you really need it. Buying less will not only help you adjust to the downsized home you currently are inhabiting (compared to what you are used to), but it will also have a positive effect on your emotional state, not to mention – budget.