Communications Strategy when Moving an Office

If you are planning to move your office, you need to ensure that you develop a plan that includes communications. If you think that you have more important things to take care of that you don’t have time to consider communications, you should take a couple of days to create a strategy that will keep your employees aware of the upcoming removal.

To ensure a quick and hassle-free relocation, you should consider hiring reputable office removals pros in Balham SW12, for example. They will help you plan and organise an entire removal. However, if you have other plans, here are few tips to inform your staff and ensure a successful transition.

Your communication strategy

It is essential to provide your staff with key information so that they can organise and do their part when moving office.

  • Create a clear checklist – make a list of steps so each employee knows what to expect. List dates, deadlines, packing instructions, changes in work schedules, etc. The more specific the checklist is, the smoother your relocation will be
  • Packing – your staff should be provided with instructions on how to pack, what to pack, where to get packing supplies and how much time they have for this task
  • Closing the office – at some point, you will have to close the office to move furniture and office equipment. Your staff needs to know the final moving date, when the business will close and when it will open. Make sure they understand how these dates will affect their workload and schedules
  • New space – inform your staff beforehand how the offices will be set up and how their own workspace will look like, especially if there will be some changes. Unpacking and setting up a new workspace will go smoother if they know what to expect
  • Transportation and a new location – provide staff with necessary information about the new location, transportation, parking and commute options. If you are planning to hire a professional business removals company in London, share specifics with them
  • Individual tasks – if necessary, give each employee their own specific moving tasks. Some can notify your clients about removal; others can come up with ideas for improving new space

How to communicate the information

You have created a plan with all necessary information for moving your office. Here are effective and simple ways to deliver the message, depending on its type.

  • Organise staff meetings – organise a staff meeting to inform your staff about upcoming changes. You can inform them about the details of your move and encourage discussions to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Send emails – sending an email is a quick way to relay information but it is not the most effective one. People might not have the access to information when they need it if you solely depend on mailing. Use email for letting the staff know where they can obtain the information.
  • Intranet – if your company has an intranet, this is usually the best platform for sending a staff letter and most messages. All information and updates will reach each staff member easily.
  • Bulletin board – place a board where your employees can gather to discuss the details of your relocation. The board should contain important information, dates and other moving instructions.