USA’s three biggest cities

New York City

There is absolutely no doubt that the USA is among the most influential countries in the world. It has been like that for almost a century now and it will not change any time soon apparently. The economic progress of the country has allowed for the emergence of some of the most impressive cities. There are more than three of them but we will briefly look into the largest and most robust societies that the USA has to offer. We are talking about New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. They are different from one another and this sparks our interest to talk about this topic.

New York is the largest and most populated city in America. It is perhaps the best definition of melting pot in the world. There is probably no country in the world which does not have a representative working or living there. Manhattan is by far the most well-known area in NYC. It is also the most expensive zone and you should not count on having cheap professional services. Every haircut or home removal will cost you a lot. The skyline is impressive, there are hot dogs everywhere and you have the opportunity of making a fortune if you make the right decisions. Security, however, is not great. There are neighbourhoods which can be pretty dangerous at night and you should stay away from them. It is hard to say which minority is the largest in NY but it is probably the Asian one.

Let’s talk about the Mecca of show business

Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood. We can stop here because this says enough but we won’t. LA will also bring you a lot of opportunities especially when it comes to show business. You are likely to meet so many influential and famous people there that you should have your autograph book with you all the time. There is a very distinguished Hispanic minority. Most of them work as taxi drivers, hired helpers and movers etc. There are a couple of famous boulevards in Hollywood called Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. The Walk of Fame is also there and if you visit it, you will be able to see that many well-known people in the show business have a star there on the sidewalk. It is a great way to get recognition.

Chicago is the third largest city in the USA and has a very spacious metropolitan area. The climate there is rarely good but the view both from and towards the city is outstanding. Lake Michigan is nearby and it has done a lot for Chicago’s economy. If you are a student looking for a place to study, go for Northwestern University. If you manage to get a nice play to stay and settle you will be fine. If you are just changing locations then you can take advantage of the many storage services the city has to offer. Every major American sport has a team from Chicago.

  • Chicago Bears
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Chicago Blackhawks