Psychology of Removal: Facing your Feelings


After you realize that you are moving soon, you will experience an array of different feelings. Some of them are positive while others are not so pretty. You might feel excitement, sadness, surprise, depression, but all these feelings are normal because a huge change is about to rock your world. You will have so many tasks to complete that you might not have the time to face the emotional side of your removal. However, emotional and mental health is very important so even during this hectic experience, find ways to identify your feelings and deal with them.

Here are some of the feelings you may experience during your removal and ways on how to act to overcome them.

You are shocked

You can be shocked after you learn you need to move to a new home. People usually don’t plan to move but life sneaks up on them and gives them the greatest shock of their life. When it comes to a last minute removal, the shock is bigger but there are ways to overcome this state of mind. First, let the feeling of surprise sink in and then get busy by organizing and planning your removal, creating a checklist, a budget and other. Once you start with preparations, you will gradually face the reality and that state of shock will slowly disappear.

You are excited

This feeling will keep you motivated when you are feeling tired and exhausted. Moving away can be a good change for you and something you really need, like a breath of fresh air. You are excited about exploring a new city like London, meeting some new people, and learning about new things. But most importantly, you are excited over new opportunities waiting for you around the corner. You are looking forward to the change and you feel like you really need it.

You are overwhelmed

DepressionAfter the excitement probably comes the overwhelming feeling over a complex and stressful tasks ahead of you. You might also feel lost because you have no idea where to start, how to plan each step of your removal and most importantly, how to complete everything on time. This can be a bad start but you have to get your act together and stop doubting your abilities. It’s one of the main factors for using professional removal companies when you’re doing a removal to say

You are stressed out

According to research, removal is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. So feeling stressed out is inevitable. It affects your mental and physical state. What stresses you the most is worrying about the money. You have a moving budget and you worry if it will cover all the expenses. Also, you feel stressed out because of lack of time. You worry about not completing everything before the moving day. Therefore, stress is inevitable but reducing it by being more productive and getting some rest is not impossible.

You feel relieved

On this emotional roller coaster, you also feel relieved after you finally get to your new place and overcome all other feelings mentioned above. You are glad that the hardest part is behind you, so now you can focus on your future and adjust to your new surroundings gradually.