Moving Back to Your Parents’ House

Moving back to your parents’ house can be a sudden and overwhelming decision but it seems like you have no other choice after losing your job or having other financial difficulties. After you first moved out of your parents’’ house, you were an independent individual who enjoy the freedom of making your own decisions and planning your life. Additionally, they have learned to live without you around so this might also be challenging for them too. But, now that you have to come back, there are certain things you can do to make it easier for all of you.

Talk about the expenses

Before you move back in, talk to your parents about the expenses and your part in paying bills and food. You cannot expect them to pay for everything. Perhaps you will not pay the rent but you can contribute by paying for utilities, food, and other. So, you should make it clear what your contribution will be after you move back in. But, if you are unemployed and don’t have a job, you should do everything you can to get a part-time job for starters. Be persistent until you find a decent job with decent salary. You need to show them you are trying and doing your part towards being independent again. You cannot expect them to pay for all your costs. They are willing to help out but they won’t be able to support you all your life.

Be ready for some nagging and lecturing

Parents and daughterEven though they made it very clear that you can always count on them when having difficulties, and that you are always welcome to come back to live with them temporarily, they are your parents and you will hear a lot of lecturing. They might be upset and distressed, maybe because they cannot help you out and they are having hard time seeing you broke or unemployed. This is not something they planned either so you may have disrupted their life too. So, make sure you give your best to make it easier for all of you. Apply for jobs, be active, help with housework, and show them you appreciate them.

Show respect by helping with the housework

As mentioned above, if you cannot contribute with paying bills at the moment, you can show some respect and appreciation by helping with household chores. First of all, you can pick up after yourself and do not leave a mess. And then, you can always help out by cooking dinner, helping with the cleanup or do some work in the garden. Perhaps help with handling the waste. Talk with your parents and ask them if they want you to help out with a specific chore.

In conclusion

Moving back to your parents’ house always strikes us unexpectedly but if we don’t have any other choice, we can take steps towards making it easier for you and your parents as well. Regardless of the reasons of your moving back in, you will be expected to do your share. It is their house and you need to follow their rules. If you have financial problems, you can show your appreciation by helping with house chores. Bottom line is, try hard to get back on your feet and start an independent life and moving out.