Office Removals in Bickley, BR3

If you are looking for a professional office removal company that is not only big on words, but actually gets the job done right and doesn’t burn a hole in your budget, then you have landed at the right place. Bickley Office Removals are a highly efficient yet affordable removals company that specialises in all types of professional grade office relocations, and guarantees customers the most punctual and reliable service money can buy.-

Our technical expertise and attentive servicing are what sets us apart from the rest. We never compromise on quality, or efficiency and we always live up to our promises. There are no two office removals alike, and many of the general average mass of moving companies out there have failed to take note of this. We on the other hand, have dissected office removals, and have studied them down to the smallest detail.

Mid-week (Mon-Thu) special prices*

Vehicle type Self load 1 man 2 men 3 men
Small van £20 £25 £30 n/a
Large van/Luton n/a £40 £46 £56


*prices by the hour

Hire office removal team in Bickley, BR3What’s the point some might say? Knowing intricately what makes an office removal service genuinely good allows us to format and customise our service provision in such way as to serve an actual purpose for our customers and give them proper results, no matter how tough or elaborate their office moving requirements might be. Being aware of the details and specifics that make up a good quality office removal also allows us to handle expertly all stages of the relocation process, and actually provide customers with comprehensive end to end servicing that is worth their time and money. Causing damage to items or misplacing office contents along the way would put us out of business in a matter of days, but we at Bickley Office Removals have done our homework well and work with the most dedicated and highly skilled, professional movers around.

On top of that, our office removals are supervised by qualified relocation specialists who ensure each stage of the process is done on time and within budget, as well as in accordance to all applicable health and safety regulations. Cost wise, our services are adequately priced, and our office removals give you genuine value for money and the desired cost efficiency.